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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, November 5) – The New Zealand High Commissioner to Fiji has increased his security detail.

High Commissioner Michael Green confirmed this, saying the extra security was a known fact in New Zealand.

"Government (the Fiji Government) has been advised and it's simply because of additional work pressure here," he said.

Mr Green did not say how many officers had arrived in the country for his protection, only saying it was a small team that had arrived in Fiji yesterday.

However, after the post-Budget breakfast, Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said he was unaware of the increased security for the Kiwi envoy.

"Mr Qarase may not know about it but government has been advised," Mr Green said

On whether the increased security was because of the impasse between the military and the Government, Mr Green said, "I think you can draw your own conclusions".

A New Zealand Government website said in a travel advisory New Zealanders planning to visit Fiji should monitor the media and the website for updates.

It said tensions between the Fiji Government and the Fiji Military Forces continued and although the situation was calm, it could change with little warning.

It said in the event of the situation deteriorating, New Zealanders in Fiji were unlikely to be targeted but should take measures to avoid being caught up inadvertently in any violence, including avoiding demonstrations and large gatherings.

The Australian Government issued a travel advisory against Fiji, with intended visitors being urged to reconsider the need to travel to Suva and, if they did, to exercise a high degree of caution when in Fiji.

The website advised visitors to exercise a high degree of caution in Fiji because of the increased tensions following threats made by the Fiji Military Forces against the Fiji Government and the possibility of military action.

It said the security situation could deteriorate without warning.

Australians have been advised to reconsider the need to travel to Suva. If they did, they should avoid prominent places like Government Buildings and Parliament, as well as all military installations.

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