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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 9) – The Solomon Islandns government is confident to achieve basic education for all Solomon Islanders by 2015.

The good news was revealed by the under secretary for ministry of education Timothy Ngele yesterday as part of the celebrations of the Children’s Day, which will be celebrated today.

Speaking to journalists after addressing a nationwide radio show, Mr Ngele said he is confident that they would comply with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of achieving universal education by 2015.

He said the government has already achieved 90 per cent of that therefore there is possibility the country will reach the goal well before 2015.

The government hopes that by 2015 each child in Solomon Islands will go through nine years of education.

But whilst basic education looks encouraging, secondary education access has actually narrowed.

About 50,000 are expected to complete form three each year with 80 per cent of that continuing to form five, 20 per cent to form six and 1 percent to form seven.

[PIR editor’s note: Because of intense competition in the Solomons school system, only a relative few make it through to a high school diploma, much less a college degree.]

Despite that, Mr Ngele said the government is working with donors, including EU and NZ to expand schools to increase the number of places for form seven.

Solomon Islands has 173 secondary schools, of which 148 are community high, 16 provincial and nine national secondary schools.

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