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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star,November 17) – A peace education module titled "Practising Peace" was launched in Honiara last week.

The module was developed after growing calls to establish an educational module to teach peace building concepts to people in Solomon Islands.

Minister of National Reconciliation and Peace Sam Iduri, who launched the module, said this is a milestone towards building sustainable peace in Solomon Islands.

"Peace is everyone’s business and responsibility. It needs to start at the individual level, shared at family unit level, extended throughout our education systems, instilled through our traditional structures, preached through the church network and driven by government institutions," Mr Iduri said.

The module, which is supported with the assistance of UNICEF, was developed after consultation with 50 community leaders, educators, service providers and non-government representatives in Solomon Islands.

UNICEF deputy executive director Toshi Niwa said the module would become the final module in UNICEF’s Pacific Stars Life Skills curriculum.

UNICEF will also be supporting Live and Learn Environmental Education Organisation, which is the leading NGO in developing this module, by conducting Peace Education Workshops in community settings and supporting the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to integrate the module into the primary and secondary school curriculum.

The subtitle of the Peace Education Module is "come together, talk together, work together" the motto of the National Peace Council of the Solomon Islands.

Mr Niwa said this motto emphasized the ultimate goals of the module which were to help people resolve interpersonal and intergroup conflict through productive and peaceful strategies and also to teach young people how they can participate in public life.

The launching ceremony on Monday last week was witnessed by government officials, representatives of UNICEF in New York and local non-government organisation representatives.

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