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HAGATNA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Dec. 8) – Guam Waterworks Authority is seeking the public's help in stopping thefts that have occurred at Guam Waterworks Authority facilities, which have cost the water agency about US$280,000.

Some of the stolen items include stairwells, grates, aluminum doors, metal louvers, copper wiring and water meters, according to a Guam Waterworks Authority news release.

"The cost of replacing these items last year was in excess of US$250,000," said Mark Miller, assistant general manager of treatment and production.

More recently, Guam Waterworks Authority has found that more than 50 of the new automated meters have also been tampered and damaged. Each of these meters cost more than US$600, meaning that about US$30,000 worth of new meters has been damaged. Most of these will need to be either replaced or repaired, Miller said.

"As much as we don't like to do this, we must pass the costs on to the ratepayers," he stated in the news release.

The agency's plea for help comes at the same time that a rash of copper wire thefts have been reported.

The string of thefts have taken place across the island. Guam Power Authority officials are concerned because of the hazardous situation when live power wires are cut and left dangling – as has been found in some cases.

Three people were arrested Tuesday in connection with eight theft cases and police continue to investigate other reports.

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