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By Emmanuel T. Erediano

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, Dec. 27) – Saipan has life forms that do not exist anywhere else, according to the Coastal Resource Management Office which also claims that it is protecting these unique species when it ordered the removal of small boats along the Beach Road shoreline.

"We didn’t mention this earlier, as we want to be very careful in dealing with this discovery," CRMO Director John Joyner said.

He said they are still studying these "newly discovered life forms" which, he added, are found very near the Beach Road shoreline.

This is the "most important reason" why CRMO is taking action to protect the lagoon off Beach Road, Joyner said.

He added that the newly discovered species is part of a chain of marine life that needs protection, and that "litter" such as small boats endangers these life forms.

Today is the deadline for the removal of the boats, but Joyner said they will not remove the vessels from Beach Road right away.

According to CRMO, the "boats along the beach pose a safety hazard and are considered to be an eyesore."

A fisherman said some owners of the small boats moved their vessels to another area in San Antonio upon seeing the CRMO notices.

Another man who has been fishing along the Beach Road shoreline sad many of them prefer fishing without the use of boats.

Rey Isip, 49, said although bigger fish are usually caught in deeper parts of the lagoon, most people prefer the use of fishing rods, which may explain why some of them have apparently abandoned their small boats.

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