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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, January 12) – Military informant Peter Foster is scared for his life and believes he is the victim of a plot to undermine coup leader and Interim Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama.

His comments came as officers from the Australian Federal Police, Fiji Police and Fiji's Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions met yesterday to discuss the conman, who appears to have gone into hiding.

Foster, who has claimed to have been working undercover for the military, yesterday accused senior military officers of preventing information he gathered on corruption within the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party from reaching the commodore. "I believe there are forces at work within the military, deliberately trying to undermine the commander," Foster said by mobile phone yesterday.

"There are people high up in the military who are still very staunch SDL supporters and they are not happy with what I have discovered."

However, it seems the military is not happy that Foster's whereabouts are unknown.

A Suva magistrate issued a bench warrant for his arrest on Monday after he failed to appear on three fraud-related charges. Foster later claimed he had written to the court asking for the matter to be adjourned for a week, saying the military had told him he did not have to appear.

On Wednesday night eight soldiers took his mother, Louise, from her luxury villa on Denarau for questioning at a nearby police station.

An earlier news report had claimed that Vanuatu police were searching for him there after a man matching his description was reported arriving on an unnamed yacht.

Foster later denied being in Vanuatu, only commenting, "I wish I was".

Mrs Foster yesterday did not want to talk about the questioning by the military, other than to say they wanted to know where Peter was living. She said she was not able to tell them as she did not know.

Yesterday afternoon Foster gave an assurance he was still in Fiji and would appear in court next week.

"I am absolutely in Fiji," he said, although he did not say where he was now living.

"I am waiting for my lawyer, Mehboob Raza, to return from overseas and we will arrange for a court appearance next week."

Military spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni, said officers had not seen or made contact with Foster since Tuesday.

"As of Tuesday, he has obviously disappeared and we are trying to locate him," said Major Leweni yesterday.

He said the military would pursue all available avenues to locate the missing conman. It is believed a police boat has been sent to the Yasawa islands to search for him there. Foster has had previous connections with a proposed resort at Champagne Beach.

Senior police are believed to have visited luxury hotels on Denarau inquiring about him. Major Leweni distanced the military from Foster, denying that a deal had been done with him over the secret video tapes or that he had been working undercover for the military.

"That is a perception a lot of media people are having," he said.

Yesterday the DDP's Office said it was waiting on a police report about the status of the arrest warrant.

"We, therefore, have no official information about where he is," said the statement.

Foster said he could not understand why the military had not released more of the secret video tapes he recorded for them, or why it was suddenly treating him as "the enemy within".

"I've done everything they have asked and I have put my neck on the line for them." He said the tapes contained further "evidence" of corruption within the SDL and the Laisenia Qarase Government, overthrown by the coup of December 5.

"I have found out that my letter to Frank (Bainimarama) was never given to him and I have learnt that he has been told that all of the tapes are the same," said Foster.

"I believe there is a deliberate undermining of the commander and he is being fed some wrong information. I know he would be horrified by it.

"The whole thing just stinks and I am fearful of it all.

"It's a living nightmare."

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