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By Bernadette H. Carreon

SAIPAN, CNMI (Mariana Variety, Jan. 16) - United Nations Fellow at Oxford University Marvin Ngirutang and Lebuu Littler will raise money to fund renovation of Prince Lee Boo’s tomb in St. Mary’s Church in England.

Ngirutang said the tomb’s condition which he recently visited while he was in London was in bad shape.

He said that the money to be raised would be donated to St. Mary’s Church where Prince Lee Boo’s tomb is located.

He said the tomb’s paint is chipped off and the text unreadable.

Littler is the son of Bilung Gloria Salii and Carlos Salii.

Ngirutang said that the tomb’s renovation would renew the historical ties between Palau and England.

Lee Boo’s tale began with the [1783] shipwreck of Captain Wilson, who greatly impressed the natives of Palau Islands with his inventiveness and resourcefulness. Captain Wilson’s crew helped Abba Thulle, Lee Boo’s father and chief of the islands, to defeat his old enemies with European firearms. When his English guests had built a new ship and were on the point of returning to Europe, Abba Thulle spontaneously asked them to take his second son, Lee Boo, with them so that he could learn English technological and cultural skills.

In mid-December of 1784, it was discovered that Lee Boo had smallpox. He died in December 27 and he was buried at St.Mary’s Church.

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