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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, January 18) – To give its customers the highest product satisfaction, Nestle Papua New Guinea has continued to improve its manufacturing processes and safety practices at its Lae factory.

The company is currently doing up new constructions at the factory which will give it a better control of raw material handling resulting in sufficient product availability for customers.

The new construction which began last month will see new and improved palm oil storage tanks replacing the old ones for its noodles line by the end of this month.

Factory manager Harpal Singh said the construction would see an improvement in the handling of oil for its noodles line with less chance of leakage.

"The wastage of oil will come down to a minimum and there will be no impact on the environment," Mr Singh said.

Maggi noodles, a favourite in many dishes and as a snack, is made from wheat flour that is made into dough and baked with steam before being passed through palm oil for frying at 142 degrees to make the popular noodles.

Mr Singh revealed that the construction of the new tanks would improve wastage by 1.6 percent.

The company also recently upgraded its front entrance security gate for proper control and put up interactive signs on health and safety all over its factory area.

Just last month, it also built a high-tech learning centre at an estimated cost of PGK80,000 [US$28,461].

Called the ‘Maggi learning centre’ it was officially opened last Dec 8 by zone vice-president Alfred Kaelin and country manager Jason Chan.

Earlier, the company held what it called a Nestle family day on Dec 9 its 700 employees and their families in which children were given gifts.

The opening of the learning centre has allowed Nestle to carry out external and internal training for its staff in areas of leadership, community development, coaching and technical safety training and much more.

The Maggi learning centre has 30 comfortable seats, has computers on-line with the Nestle network system, a projector with a big white screen, a DVD and VHS player, amplifiers, air condition and much more.

Roel Labay, head of engineering, said Nestle was focused on "people development" and the learning centre was an investment to better productivity from our employees.

Since its opening the learning centre has already played host to HIV training, health and safety meetings, business excellence meetings and the continuation of Nestle’s environment management system.

The learning centre is confirmation of Nestle PNG’s commitment to improving all its products with a focus on them all having a nutritional value.

Mr Singh revealed that they were on track to achieve this aim and plan to continue their current developments during World environment and safety day.

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