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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Jan. 29) –West New Georgia and Vonavona Member of Parliament Peter Boyers has described as a "complete cover-up" the Solomon Islands government’s action in delaying the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Inquiry into the clandestine flight into his constituency that brought Julian Moti and two others on a military plane to Munda.

[PIR editor’s note: Munda is a town on New Georgia Island in the Solomon Islands’ Western Province.]

"The inquiry has brought into light names of senior figures in the Prime Minister’s Office in Waigani who were suspected of ordering the flight into the Solomons," he said in a statement over the weekend. "What had transpired is an incomplete picture and sadly though, Waigani was only on the receiving end of this whole conspiracy – it was indeed a grand conspiracy, whose reputation had been tarnished internationally by a request from the Solomon Islands Government."

[PIR editor’s note: Waigani is a suburb of Port Moresby, capitol of Papua New Guinea.]

His comments came in what he described as foreign minister Patteson Oti’s abrupt and desperate trip to Port Moresby to try and postpone the inquiry over the weekend.

Mr Oti and his permanent secretary, Jeremiah Manele, left Honiara for PNG on Friday.

"I had been dealing with Waigani in my former capacity as Chairman of the SIG-PNG Border Committee and a former finance minister and at no time did I put our big Melanesian brother in an awkward diplomatic position.

"What Oti is trying to achieve is disgraceful, it is not the way to behave in international relations – shame on him. Waigani shouldn’t bow down; let the inquiry take its course all the way to Munda and the Prime Minister’s Office in Honiara so they follow precisely the stinking nature of this clandestine flight. And Waigani is chair of both the Pacific Islands Forum and Melanesian Spearhead Group should be unforgiving, towards it’s nearest neighbour whose motives and behaviour can no longer be tolerated. I suggest PNG tells Oti, we don’t want to conspire anymore with you, we want to deal with you in a transparent and open manner," he said.

Mr Boyers said the government is misguided in influencing PNG to stop the inquiry from traveling to Western Province, adding it’s only for its self protection that it wants PNG to co-operate with them.

"To say it is sensitive for the PNG Defence Force Inquiry to travel here is but an attempt to bury the truth, at the expense of exposing PNG officials who were involved in the flight. It is only when the inquiry is allowed into Solomon Islands, that the PNG Defence Force Inquiry into the Moti saga will fulfil its mandate," the West New Georgia Vona Vona MP said.

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