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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Jan. 31) – A tertiary institution in Papua New Guinea has been warned to watch out for students using fake certificates to enroll at the college.

The Balob Teachers College has already caught one person trying to use another person’s name to enroll, and will launch a full investigation next week after registration of new intakes are completed.

An education official from the Enga province claimed yesterday that many Grade 10 "drop-outs" were buying Grade 12 certificates from other students to enroll at tertiary institutions around the country.

Education Secretary for Gutnius Lutheran Church in Enga Mark Beto told The National in Mt Hagen yesterday that he had just returned from Lae’s Balob Teachers’ College, where he saw 11 Grade 10 dropouts from Enga province lining up with other students to enroll at the college on Monday.

Mr. Beto said he learnt that they were trying to enroll as self-sponsored students.

He said he checked a list of 128 names of students who would be self-sponsored and the names of these 11 students were not on the list.

He said he believed they would enrolling under different names, using certificates they bought from Grade 12 students either currently employed or studying at other institutions around the country.

He said he was very concerned because the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea and Gut Nius Lutheran Church operated the college.

Mr. Beto, who is also a council member of the college, said he had already raised the matter with Balob Teachers College administrators while in Lae.

He said he would help identify the students once an investigation is launched.

He said some of the Grade 10 dropouts he saw at Balob were in their villages in Enga for the last five years, and never upgraded their marks at the College of Distance Education.

Mr. Beto named a teacher in his village, which he knew dropped out of Grade 10 in 1999 but somehow obtained a Grade 12 certificate to enroll at the college and was now a teacher.

He believed this fraudulent activity was not only happening at Balob Teachers’ College but also in other tertiary institutions around the country, and a tough screening process was required during enrolment.

Balob Teachers College deputy principle Mulung Kumend said while they were aware of the allegations, they would allow registration to be completed this week before double-checking certificates and their credibility.

He said one student from the Bugandi Secondary School in Lae was caught trying to use someone else’s name to enroll yesterday morning.

He added that the school was enrolling students basing on the acceptance list tendered by the Office of Higher Education on the Grade 12, matriculations and self-sponsor students for this year and there was no other list.

Mr. Kumend said students involved in forging certificates, using false names and other people’s name will be dealt with when found because it is a crime.

"We will have students who use false pretence to enter the college arrested next week when we do individual checks on students," he added.

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