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RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (The Cook Islands Herald, Feb 10) – Eighty empty containers sitting on the wharf in Aitutaki are of grave concern to the port’s manager, Clive Baxter.

Twenty-four were left behind by the Southern Express Voyage 84 due to bad weather. Baxter said that while they had loaded some containers the captain wanted to go as bad weather was setting in. The concern, Baxter said, was having to move all the containers inland if there was a cyclone.

"While they are here on the wharf it is our responsibility to take care of them, and in the event of a cyclone we are responsible for moving them to higher ground," he said.

‘That’s a lot of containers to move."

Baxter said that the containers arrive in Aitutaki loaded mainly with food, building materials and vehicles.

However ,they leave empty because there are few exports from the island.

The Southern Express Voyage 85 is not expected until the 22nd of February.

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