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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Daily Post, Mar 22) – Intentions by the interim regime to open up the television market to other interested competitors have stirred some reaction.

Fiji’s exclusive free-to-air television licence holder, Fiji Television Limited commented that the Interim Government should conduct a feasibility study to identify consumer demands and the capacity level the market holds for television services before granting any new licences.

Interim Commerce Minister, Taito Waradi had reportedly called for interested applicants.

Company spokesman, Tarun Patel said it would be a waste of time if government issued free-to-air licences to operators that would duplicate Fiji TV’s services.

"Government should ensure that the new licensees offer services that customers want that Fiji TV is not offering at present," Patel said.

Patel added that if the new licensees compete for content directly with Fiji TV, programming and related delivery costs will be artificially increased.

He added this would in turn increase cost of sales, reduce profitability and affect programme offering in the long-term and consumers would lose out on good content.

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