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FUNAFUTI, Tuvalu (Tuvalu-News, Mar 15) - The Alofa Tuvalu non-government organization is going to conduct training for Tuvaluans who like to know how to set up renewable energy in their own homes.

Workshops will begin in parallel shortly after the first team will arrive in the country tomorrow Thursday 15th of March 2007.

The idea is to enable the people of Tuvalu to learn hands-on how to set up and maintain Renewable Energy Technologies in order to create new and better sustainable solutions to energy problems or shortages on the 9 islands of the archipelago as well as creating a maintenance hub for such future projects in Amatuku.

TMTI’s teachers, staff, families, students and women’s groups who have shown interest in the project will be trained first. The idea is for trainees to become instructors to pass their new knowledge along. In a larger sense, the idea is also to help Tuvalu become more energy self-sufficient using locally available resources…a proud leader in environmental stewardship.

Interested participants are urged to register their names at the Vaiaku Lagi Hotel, the ALPHA office or the Tuvalu Media office.

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