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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Mar 25) – The National Council of Chiefs in Vanuatu says it is pleased with the outcome of a meeting which looked at how to resolve tribal conflicts like that in Port Vila earlier this month.

Chiefs from around the country gathered at the headquarters of the Malvatamuri - the national umbrella representing all Vanuatu’s chiefs - for last week’s General Meeting.

The Vila meeting was already scheduled before the clashes at the settlement.

The National Council spokesmen, Selwyn Garu, says the clash in Port Vila dominated the meeting and all the Chiefs agreed that a peace ceremony could be one way of trying to resolve tribal conflicts in the future.

He says people left the meeting with a sense of optimism.

"I am very positive about the steps taken. This is an active kind of approach where we are laying down plans to how to manage the situation in future through the council and through the chiefs themselves."

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