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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 29) - India’s new High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Mr. Satya P Mann presented his credentials to the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena in Honiara yesterday.

The diplomatic relation between Solomon Islands and India was established since May 1987 and has since grown from strength to strength.

Nathaniel said the bilateral future of the two countries looks bright and Solomon Islands is ready to support India on global issues.

"I’m clearly encouraged that our relationship has grown stronger. Our bilateral future is bright and holds great potential," Nathaniel said.

The Governor General expressed optimism in the Indian diplomat to enhance new dimensions for practical realization between the two countries.

Nathaniel also said India’s recent acceptance as a dialogue partner by the Pacific Islands Forum in 2003 opens a new and important chapter in the Pacific Region and India whose foreign policy has began to reach beyond South East Asia.

His Excellency Satya who will be based in Port Moresby said India and Solomon Islands enjoy warm relations based on mutual respect and understanding.

"Both share a common world view on most international issues," Satya said.

Satya said India has followed a long and arduous road to national development and is willing to share its experience with Solomon Islands.

He said the Indian Government hope that the training of Solomon Islanders under the Indian Technical Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program has been found useful.

"India is willing to depute Indian experts to Solomon Islands under the relevant ITEC norms," Satya said.

He said on the basis of the existing goodwill on both sides relations between the two countries will become stronger for the mutual benefit of people of the two countries in years come.

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