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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 1) – Voters in the French territory of Wallis and Futuna have elected a new 20-member assembly for a five-year term.

20 out of 26 lists contesting the polls won one seat each.

The assembly includes three new members.

Observers say it is too early to say what trends are to emerge from the assembly whose members have been chosen along mainly clan lines.

A new assembly president is to be elected on Friday.

At stake were 13 seats on Wallis and seven on Futuna in an assembly traditionally chosen along clan lines.

The territory has three kingdoms, including one on Wallis whose king, 89-year-old Tomasi Kulimoetoke, has ruled for 48 years.

Attempts to unseat him two years ago failed when his armed supporters quelled the campaign and forced the French administration to reconfirm his status.

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