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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 5) - More than 100 students involved in cult activities and Satanism, surrendered to Christianity, putting an end to a decade of different cults being passed down from generation to generation.

This took place at the Namatanai Secondary School last Monday in New Ireland Province.

Inspector Taksir Elisah of the Namatanai police station and a board member of the school said the cult movement had started since Namanatanai began as a secondary school.

"To mark this very special day the school held a combined service for 1,000 people at the school," said Taksir.

He said parents, students, NGOs and people from all over the province, attended the ceremony as they were all in favor of getting rid of the cult movements.

On the day of the ceremony, many students surrendered to God where they made a large fire to destroy idols of worship and other satanic symbols, said Taksir.

He said there were three main groups who were front-runners of the cult movement at the school.

"Leaders of the cult movement in the school were mainly the Grade 12 students," said Taksir.

The head boy of the school, speaking on behalf of the students, said they would now concentrate on their studies.

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