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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (April 10) - There is a real need for coordination of relief supplies to the tsunami-hit victims of Choiseul and Western provinces.

Despite the mass flow of assistance to the disaster areas - some people are still complaining that they are not receiving assistance.

The Lauru People Association already highlighted the problem, writing to the National Disaster Management Office expressing their concern that emergency supplies are yet to reach the last destination on the island as of yesterday.

This is pretty serious as such delays will severely affect the victims who have been demoralized as a result of the quake and huge waves.

We know for sure that aid is flowing from home and abroad but it’s certain that they are not going through the same channel.

Some donors are opting to channel their assistance through Non Government Organizations whilst others via the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

Whilst we appreciate the assistance, the difficulty in these multiple facet of aid entry into the provinces is a likelihood of donors concentrating on the same area rather than spreading their assistance.

By creating a well-synchronized plan helps donors to target the areas of disaster with immediate effect.

The coordinating office should know exactly what areas that needed to be assisted and in what form.

By doing that, the victims can be efficiently addressed and any grumbles will reduce.

NDMO should also seek outside assistance from those who have experience similar situations around the world.

By tapping on their expertise will help to greatly assist it to carry out its job proficiently.

Our people are suffering and they don’t expect to see visitors going to their places with empty hands or bags of cameras - all they need is assistance.

NDMO must therefore coordinate with all stakeholders who are delivering relief supplies to the victims so that distribution is properly managed and harmonized.

We suggest that a proper communication network be established in the main centers of the provinces with the NDMO so that they know exactly what is happening on the ground.

Communication is vital as information sharing is important for proper planning given the geographical make-up of our country.

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