By Charles Kadamana

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 10) – The Solomon Islands Western provincial government will need more than SB$200 million [US$28.7 million] to rebuild the damaged areas in Gizo after the earthquake and tsunami.

The provincial premier Alex Lokopio said two areas which will cost the provincial government so much is health and prison services.

"The Gizo Hospital including medical supplies, equipment and staff as well as the prison services are currently the most affected areas in Gizo Town and these are the areas which will cost a lot to re-establish," the premier said.

He said the disaster did not only cost them money but also the operation of his government.

"My government at present is unable to provide effective service to our people as they continue to suffer the effects of the quake and tsunami. But we are working hard to ensure we do something with the little we have," the premier said.

He said currently his government is assessing the full cost of rebuilding the township.

"The exact figure will only be determined when an engineer makes full assessment on the current situation," the premier said.

Mr Lokopio said the rebuilding process will take years and Western Province could only do it with help from the national government and aid donors.

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