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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, April 16) - Bougainville police have nabbed two Telikom employees who traveled from Port Moresby to Buka to carry out maintenance work for failed money scam operator Noah Musingku.

[PIR editor’s note: Noah Musingku, whose "U-Vistract" pyramid scheme bilked millions of dollars out of investors, is a fugitive from the law in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. While it is well known that Musinigku now lives in Bougainville, authorities have been unwilling or unable to apprehend him.]

The two, believed to be from Telikom’s Gerehu Earth Station were supposed to travel all the way to Musingku’s base camp at Tonu in the Siwai area but were intercepted at the Buka airport by police last Friday. The move by Musingku to engage Telikom workers to conduct maintenance on his communication system has angered police and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

"Yes, my men nabbed two Telikom workers from Port Moresby heading for Musingku’s base camp at Tonu to do maintenance work on his communication systems," South Bougainville regional police commander Chief Inspector Paul Kamuai said. He said the two were picked up on their arrival at the airport and taken to the Buka police station and questioned.

They told police that they were on Bougainville on Musingku’s and their bosses’ direction.

They were to travel to Tonu to do maintenance work and re-install his communication system.

In expressing his dissatisfaction, Mr. Kamuai said he was not happy with the move taken by the two to travel to Bougainville.

Kamuai said it would have been best if Telikom had first considered contacting the police or the Autonomous Bougainville Government before making their trip to the region.

He said such trip would jeopardize reconciliation plans between Musingku’s bodyguards and the people of Tonu.

The two Telikom workers are expected to be flown back to Port Moresby after being questioned.

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