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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, April 24) – Solomon Islands and Iceland have established diplomatic relations.

Solomon Islands' Ambassador, in New York, Collin Beck signed and exchanged notes with Iceland Ambassador Hjamar Hanesson last Friday to formally establish relations between the two countries.

Following the brief ceremony, the two countries held bilateral discussions on possible areas of cooperation and agreed to work towards putting in place cooperative arrangements in two areas, fisheries and energy.

Iceland has one of the world’s most efficient fisheries sectors and a lead nation in producing geothermal energy for its more than 300-thousand population.

The two countries agreed to look at having Solomon Islanders joining international students studying in Iceland doing fisheries and geothermal programs, respectively.

The two Ambassadors also agreed to have Icelandic geothermal experts to examine geothermal potential on some of the country’s volcanic islands.

Iceland has become 48th country to establish relations with Solomon Islands since independence.

It is the third Scandinavian country and the eleventh European States that shares diplomatic ties with the country.

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