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SYDNEY, Australia (Australian Broadcasting Corp, April 30) - The Australian Government is being asked to review sanctions imposed against Fiji in the wake of the December coup.

The Foreign Affairs Department has issued bans on anyone involved in the coup from traveling to Australia.

But the Fiji Australia Business Council says the bans have gradually expanded to such an extent that business leaders are being dissuaded from taking up government appointments.

The council's Suva-based president Caz Tebbutt Dennis says it is leaving a hole in the decision making process and preventing the country moving forward.

"What we are finding is that we are missing that opportunity for some of Fiji's best and brightest to stand up and lead the way, back to really the same place that Australia would like to see us be - [under] democratic rule, as quickly as possible," she said.

"We all want the same thing and the Fiji business community should have a right to take part in recovery in their own country."

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