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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 29) – Commodities such as fish, timber and mineral could be an alternative for the sugar and garment industries, says Fiji's interim Commerce Minister Taito Waradi.

Mr Waradi said with the decline in productivity and earnings of the sugar and garment industries, once the backbone of the economy, "these commodities if developed would be beneficial".

"If one looks at the export commodities there are about three areas that hold a lot of potential for Fiji in terms of export timber, fish and the mineral sector," Mr Waradi said.

"If developed further this can hold the key in unlocking the economy."

His comments came as the Fiji Water director external affairs and development David Roth said the demand for Fiji Water kept growing and the company needed to keep investing to keep up with the demand.

Mr Waradi said efforts by the mineral sector such as Fiji Water and mineral based industries were quite phenomenon.

He said demand for the mineral sector kept growing as the marketing and the high quality was consistently maintained by companies.

He said other players in the market of bottled water made from Fiji showed that the industry was not run by a monopoly.

The mineral sector is growing not only for Fiji Water but other players in the industry, he said.

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