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MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, May 26) – Marshallese Ambassador Bruce J.D. Linghu welcomed six new recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship to the ROC Embassy in Majuro on May 22. The Marshallese students for the 2007 program are Suewellynn Johannes, Gloria Morales and Anjanette Davis of the Marshall Islands High School, Florina Philippo and Ylissa Kendall of the Assumption High School, and Jasmine Benjamin of the College of the Marshall Islands.

According to the Embassy, they were selected, among dozens of applicants, for their overall performance.

Taiwan offers the full, five-year scholarship, which includes air fare and a monthly allowance, to Marshallese high school graduates and Majuro college students. This is the fourth year of the scholarship program for the Marshall Islands, and there are currently seven Marshallese students studying in various educational institutions in Taiwan.

During the first year, the students study in the Mandarin Studies Program of the National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU) at Taipei before they apply to universities or colleges in Taiwan.

"Taiwan offers the world a place rich in natural beauty, a multi-cultural society, unique educational opportunities and a friendly and peaceful environment. We warmly encourage all of you to take full advantage of this Scholarship program to pursue their personal educational goals and to explore more about the culture of Taiwan through learning its language.", said Ambassador Linghu at the meeting.

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