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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (May 30) – The growing number of people diagnosed with diabetes is increasing at a shocking rate that needs to be seriously addressed.

And more on a gloomy scale - a good number of our leaders are diagnosed with the disease and are suffering from it. Already the Parliament has a growing number of people diagnosed with the disease.

If not addressed - diabetes has the potential to disable our leaders at a worrying pace. The rising number of our MPs affected by the disease means that our leaders will not always produce 100 percent work out-put. As they tend to spend more time worrying about their health than doing their job. At the end - less is done.

As the number count mounts - it raises a very solemn question about the attitude of our leaders when they are in power. It’s palpable that they have shifted from our traditional eating habits to more of a westernized tradition determined by the size of their wallets.

The lack of exercise coupled with pressure from constituents for the Rural Community Development Fund could be additional reasons for the likelihood of our leaders being sick or face high blood pressure.

Perhaps - the saddest factor is that our leaders continued to be diagnosed at a frightening rate.

In helping to reduce the rate - the government should immediately introduce outdoor activities for our leaders with the intention of extending it to the entire public service on a weekly basis. Also, they should engage in a weekly walk whereby leaders can walk at their own pace - but cover the same destination at least for two hours a week. This helps to stop diabetes as it is when the pancreas does not function properly and glucose levels fall outside the normal range. A normal glucose reading is lower than 110 mg/dL upon waking in the morning and lower than 140 mg/dL two hours after eating.

The Government should also restrict diet to its members especially on those who are sick and cabinet and parliament should promote a "water only" policy ahead of any imported can drinks. This helps leaders to control their diets and reduce the amount of sugar intake into their bodies.

Our MPs should also have regular talks from public doctors on staying fit and fighting diabetes.

In accepting that our leaders should also pull their hands out of the management of the RCDF and appoint an independent committee to manage it - that helps to remove the pressure from them.

We can over-turn this deadly trend as long as we are committed to changing it. Our leaders must show commitment for the betterment of their health.

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