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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, June 6) – A Guadalcanal Provincial delegation visited the Western Provincial capital, Gizo over the weekend to personally hand over the Guadalcanal Province's assistance to the victims of the April 2 disaster in both Choiseul and Western Provinces.

During a small ceremony to mark the occasion, Guadalcanal provincial premier Joash Salani handed a cheque worth 50 thousand dollars [US$7,200] to Premier Alex Lokopio who received it on behalf of the Victims of both provinces.

In his remarks during the ceremony, Mr Salani said the people of Guadalcanal were among the first to publicly share their sympathy and prayerful support to the victims.

He said that his going down to the Western Provincial capital was to share his people's sympathy to those affected by the April earthquake and tsunami.

Premier Salani said that although Guadalcanal Province is yet to fully recover from the recent tension, his people still have the time and heart to continue to pray and contribute, even in their struggle.

He said Guadalcanal Province has faith in the industriousness of the people of Western and Choiseul provinces.

The qualified man power in both provinces can use their vast resources to move forward.

In his response, Western Premier Lokopio said the gift from the Guadalcanal provincial authority is a sign of great concern from the people and provincial government of Guadalcanal.

Mr Lokopio calls on Salani to convey the Western blocks provincial governments appreciation to the people of Guadalcanal for their kind contribution.

SIBC understands that Guadalcanal MPs are making a separate assistance towards the April 2 disaster in Western and Choiseul Provinces.

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