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By Cherelle Jackson

APIA, Samoa (Newsline Newspaper Samoa, June 12) – The Samoan village of Sapapalii is said to have nominated Faamausili Papali Moli Malietoa as the next holder of the Malietoa paramount title.

A High Chief from the village of Sapapalii confirmed to Newsline yesterday that the village has agreed to the bestowment of the Malietoa title to the son of the late Head of State.

"Representatives of the three families of Malietoa left for Apia on Monday to make their wishes known to the other families, the outcome of that meeting has yet to eventuate," he said.

The three families of the Malietoa title in Sapapalii are the descendants of Malietoa Moli, Malietoa Talavou and Malietoa Tuitasiga.

Sources say many deliberations took place in the village in the last week as to who is most deserving of the title.

"The High Chiefs urged the village to take their time in making the decision; such decisions take time," said one matai.

According to him, the selection of the late Malietoa Tanumafili II was "obviously the right decision as he lived a long and honourable life."

Sources say there are plans to hold the title bestowment ceremony within the next few weeks subject to approval by other parts of the Malietoa family.

This comes at the eve of Governments decision on the next Head of State of Samoa.

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