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By Mar-Vic Cagurangan

HAGATNA, Guam (Marianas Variety, July 2) –Australian activists have shared their solidarity with their Guam counterparts who are opposing the military buildup and the repositioning of nuclear-powered submarines at the Naval Base and aircraft carriers at Andersen Air Force Base.

"The Chamorro people face the prospect of more of their pristine land and sea areas being polluted and contaminated by the toxic chemicals used by the military, as is happening here in Shoalwater Bay," peace activists said in a statement read at Yeppoon Rockhampton during the June 24 rally against the joint U.S.-Australia war games billed "Talisman Sabre ‘07."

Thousands of activists participated in the Peace Convergence that opposed the military exercise held at the Shoalwater Bay training area near central Queensland. Nasion Chamoru was represented by young Chamorro activist Fanai Castro.

"These experiences of Gua’han and Gani that Fanai Castro has shared with us during the Peace Convergence are full of important warnings to all Australians," according to a Peace Convergence statement.

"We of the Peace Convergence and the thousands of other Australians who support us extend our warm solidarity to the Chamorro people and all the organizations of your island that are struggling against military occupation and colonization imposed by the U.S.," the statement added.

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