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KOROR, Palau (Palau Horizon, July 2) — Ten dogs in the last two months have died due to leptospirosis.

Koror State Veterinarian Mihnea Muresanu said that the cases could have been higher because only a few go to the animal shelter to have their pets checked.

He said most cases are situated in Ngerbeched as he asked the public to ensure that their surrounding is clean to prevent being infected by the disease.

Muresanu said although there are no reported cases of humans being infected by the disease in Palau, prevention is the key by making sure that the dogs are also protected by leptospirosis.

Humans being infected from dogs are most likely to happen.

He said at least eight dogs have been euthanized because the infection is so severe that it can no longer be treated , two however died from the illness.

Muresanu said a dog may get leptospirosis when in contact with an infected urine.

The infected dog may have kidney or liver failure as a result of the disease.

Infection in dogs can cause symptoms from mild illness to very serious disease.

He signs are poor appetite or not eating at all; fever; loss of energy; doesn’t want to play; more frequent urination; vomiting; muscle stiffness; and red eyes. The disease can cause kidney or liver failure.

Muresanu said that owners should reduce their pets’ exposure to contaminated water or food that may be infected by

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