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SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, July 5) – Palau is eligible to have at least 14 employment positions within the United Nations.

According to a press statement from the Ministry of State, the UN is seeking qualified individuals from Palau for employment for Junior Professionals (P-2) level in the areas of Finance, Information Technology, Political Affairs, Program Evaluation, Environment, Statistics and Human Rights.

The statement said that the Junior Professionals are recruited through National Competitive Recruitment Examinations and that the exam is tentatively scheduled for mid-February 2008 to be held in Palau.

A minimum of six qualified Palauans will apply to the recruitment program for the official examination requirements.

The statement said because Palau is currently underrepresented geographically and does not have a single Palauan national working within the organization.

The statement said in order to qualify for the examination requirements, Palauan applicants must have at least a bachelor degree in the areas mentioned.

The applicant must not be older than 32 years old and must be fluent in English .

The organization offers attractive remuneration packages and benefits with starting salaries based on the academic professional qualifications as well as the level of post.

It added that the examinations are organized to prioritize countries that are not well represented within the organization.

State Minister Temmy Shmull said, "Palau despite its small size, has fulfilled its international role as a member of the United Nations by sending our police officers to UN peacekeeping missions, making our monetary contributions for UN programs, paying our annual dues and honoring our treaty agreements by being active participants."

He added that despite our many contributions to the UN and the international community, Palau has yet to have a citizen employed within the UN system.

"Now is the time for Palauans to take an active role in the international affairs of our country by seeking employment within UN. It would be a great honor for the nation to have the first Palauan ever employed by the United Nations and I encourage all Palauans to take advantage of this opportunity and apply to take the UN employment exam," Shmull said.

The statement said that interested individuals should apply by accessing the UN’s Office of Human Resource Management website at http://www.un.org/depts/OHRM/examin/exams.htm.

For direct inquiries contact Ms. Ana Parrondo, Examination officer, Examination and Test Division via email at parrondo@un.org. To help facilitate your inquiries, applicants may email the Republic of Palau Mission to the United Nations at mission@palauan.org.

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