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By Augustine Kinna

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Aug. 9) - Four Fijians serving time in Buka Prison for breaching Papua New Guinea immigration laws were happy with the way they were being treated in prison.

The four ex-Fijian soldiers who left Noah Musingku and freely surrendered themselves to police in Bougainville were serving time in the Buka police cells and also awaiting the National Court sitting for additional charges relating to setting up an illegal army. Police in Buka had pressed two charges against the Fijians, which included involvement of illegal military army and unlawful military drills used to train young men in the Tonu village.

Buka police station commander Inspector Cletus Tsien said the Fijians had been convicted for immigration offences, and were each serving a month jail term in Buka cell. Inspector Tsien said the Fijians were co-operating well with the police. He said they would be tried again at the National Court sometime this month on the second charge.

Fijian Aliki Moroca, speaking to The National, said they understand their wrongdoing and were willing to face the full consequences of the law. Moroca said they wanted to serve their time and look forward to other charges being determined by the court. He said they were healthy and happy with where they were held at the moment.

Moroca said Bougainville was similar in many ways to their home, but look forward to the day they would return to Fiji to reunite with their families.

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