SUVA, Fiji (Aug. 20) - Newspapers are living things. Anybody who has ever worked on one will certify that they take on lives of their own. Like any living entity, they need nourishment, care and even love.

And in response to that tender loving care, they grow. Or at least we who love them hope they will not only grow but like our children, outlast us.

And, again like any living being, they endure sometimes, uncomfortable - even painful - phases as they move through the various stages of their development.

The Fiji Sun was launched in 1999 - so compared to the Old Lady of Gordon Street (1869) and the successor to the previous Sun (1987) - it's very much a newcomer.

However, over the past two years in particular it has undergone dramatic growth to the stage where it is now accepted as a credible source of news with an unbeatable sports section.

The Sunday edition has pioneered, in Fiji at least, the concept of relaxed reading and is now the nation's biggest publication on its day.

So we thought it was time for a change of appearance that would better reflect the character of this rapidly growing newcomer.

It's time to put away the baby clothes in favor of something more adult but without in any way restraining the spirit and vitality of youth.

Now, editors and publishers the world over are painfully aware that readers hate to have their newspapers "messed about with."

They are also aware, however, that change is necessary to match the pace of changing times, habits and attitudes.

We tend to hope that our loyal readers will somehow instinctively understand this and accept the new look, however begrudgingly. We are frequently proved totally and hopelessly wrong.

Nevertheless, to stand still in any business is to begin to die and we at the Fiji Sun think there's a lot more living for this newspaper to do.

The new look, then, is intended to reflect our confidence in the future of Fiji, despite the difficult times we are now enduring.

We believe that the essential goodness that exists in all of our people will see us through and help us make progress. We want the appearance of the Fiji Sun to reflect that.

For those interested, the main news headline font is Helvetica Neue, which as its name suggests is a relative newcomer to the type library while the body type is Ionic - a tried and trusted newspaper standard.

So we've opted for a blend of old and new. Because it's old doesn't mean it's useless and because it's new doesn't mean it isn't worth consideration. It's very much in keeping with our own philosophy.

The death of the daily newspaper as a species has been predicted for at least half a century. But today more people worldwide are reading newspapers than ever before.

So to our new readers, welcome. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think. Our success so far is largely based on our willingness to listen to you.

To our existing readers, stand by us, old friends. And we'll do the same for you.

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