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SUVA. Fiji (Fiji Times, Sept. 2) – A former president of the Methodist Church says the sovereignty of a nation belongs to the indigenous people.

Speaking on recent moves not to use race as an issue on the path to democracy, Reverend Josateki Koroi said it was God's plan to put indigenous people on various parts of the earth so they could govern what God gave to them.

Mr Koroi says God created all races in different colours but of one human race and that the dominion over all things depends on which country God created for your people.

"No one has a choice of what race or country one should be borne into," he said.

"God created the world and all human race from one blood and located them in their various places on this planet, to live and take care of themselves and their environment.

"The sovereignty of a country belongs to its indigenous people.

"God's declaration that "all rights reserved' on the sovereignty of any and every country of the world.

"No democracy has the right to take away that sovereignty.

He said races of foreign origin had the democratic right to overthrow the indigenous sovereignty of a country eg Australia and New Zealand.

Rev. Koroi said he has made his thesis on political issues known to the church, military, Government, political organisations and other institutions to give them another dimension of issues.

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