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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Sept. 5) – A series of violent incidents have seen a deterioration in law and order over recent days in the city of Nabire in Indonesia’s Papua region.

The international human rights group ELSHAM says riots have erupted in Nabire and that shops and offices in the city’s heart have all been closed.

In recent weeks there have been mysterious killings of two local Mee men, the death of a Papuan youth and alleged beating of two others by Indonesian police after they allegedly drove their car into a group of men sitting on the roadside.

There has also been fighting between Indonesian migrants and local Papuans, as well as admission to hospital for food poisoning of 20 Papuans who ate food sold by migrants.

In addition to this have been riots by students after being told their scholarships had been spent by the Education office and a teachers strike.

ELSHAM says that these incidents have taken place against a backdrop of military operations and threatening behaviour by police towards the locals.

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