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By Berna X Gorong

COLONIA, Yap, FSM (The Yap Networker, Sept. 6) – Continental Micronesia’s cargo embargo in Yap has been lifted as of today, announces a bulletin transmitted from the Governor’s Office.

The emailed bulletin mentioned that details of when the actual receiving or sending of cargo out of Yap will take place would be forthcoming.

"We have finally accomplished a portion of what we setout to do" writes Lt. GovernorTony Tareg in the notice.

[PIR editor’s note: Continental Micronesia announced in June that it had suspended general cargo service in and out of Yap because of a shortage of jet fuel Yap International Airport. Mobil Oil Micronesia, Inc., which had been the provider of jet fuel at the Yap International Airport, did not renew its airport lease agreement with the Yap State Government when its contract expired in April 2004. Yap is one of four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia, which also includes Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.]

According to Continental’s Yap Station, an inspection had taken place on Wednesday of the airport fuel facilities and jet fuel supply by Continental inspectors, ASIG (technical support to Yap Government on jet fuel), and members of the Yap Jet Fuel Taskforce.

Even though the government has sent out the bulletin, Continental’s Yap Station is awaiting the formal notice from their main office on the lifting of the embargo.

In previous coverage on the topic of embargo, Continental had assured the local government that once fuel is readily available the embargo on cargo would be lifted, as well as the flight schedules into Yap would be reinstated.

According to Ms.Cara Thornton, Assistant Attorney General, Continental and the Yap State Government are working together on an aviation fuel supply agreement to be in place before Continental can uplift fuel from Yap. Once this is in place, Continental will be able to uplift (purchase) fuel from the Yap State Government and then other changes may be looked into, such as the flight schedules.

Says Cara, "We hope to have this in place by next week."

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