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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Sept. 12) - Marijuana is being sold and smoked openly beside the Mt Hagen traffic police office opposite the main Enga bus stop.

Peddlars stand beside the fence in front of the traffic police office selling the drugs to users who often stand there and light up.

Even the dealers, who stand there all day selling their product, smoke marijuana without fear of police.

This area is known as a haven for drug selling and smoking in town because the police officers, who drive in and out of their office every day, do nothing to deter the sale and use of the drug in front of their gate. Both men and women were seen freely smoking marijuana in the city.

Police took no notice of it while many young boys roamed the streets snatching bags and picking people’s pockets after taking marijuana. A town councilor said selling and consumption of marijuana in Mt Hagen town was worryingly high.

"People are seeing what these drug addicts are doing but they can do nothing in fear they might be attacked," the councilor said. "The marijuana consumption would be dealt with if the police conducted foot patrols and operations to quell this increasing threat."

He said many of the petty crimes in the city were carried out by drug addicts who freely roamed the streets.

He said police should deal with the increasing marijuana related problems in the city.

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