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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (Sept. 13) – Papua New Guinea is becoming increasingly a target for trans-national crime in a way never experienced before.

People smuggling, foreigners paying their way into the country, money laundering, importation of illegal goods, failure to declare imports or giving false declarations of imported goods, guns smuggling and other related matters are becoming a matter of real concern.

The crackdown by authorities on illegal aliens is long overdue and the onus is on officers to ensure positive results are achieved. But this is only one part of the problem. The whole government system led by law enforcement bodies must be put on full alert for foreigners trying to use PNG as the base for illegal activities.

The rest of the world has woken up to dirty tricks but PNG has been rather slow in responding to the increasing incidence of illegal activities. People involved pay large amounts of money as bribes to get a foothold of PNG.

It is our view that the time has come for the Government to bring in new legislation specifically to deal with all offences classified under the heading of trans-national crime. All such activities as listed above as well as any other relevant activities should all come under this new legislation.

This new law should carry heavy fines or long prison terms. Fines should be in the hundreds of thousands of kina range and prison terms of no less than 20 years in hard labour. Notices of the new law should be posted to all Papua New Guinea overseas missions and airline and shipping offices to warn anyone intending to break PNG laws to think twice before acting.

At all wharves across PNG, all cargo from overseas countries should be opened and carefully inspected against all import documents before being released.

Everyone must do their part to save PNG from being used as the destination for illegal imports by unscrupulous people.

Already this country has become the dumping ground for cheap goods from some Asian countries and no action has been taken to scrutinise the quality of such goods.

Importers are taking advantage of the grassroots people to dump their cheap goods on their laps knowing that the quality of many of such goods is of a low standard – more so that authorities will not question them or inspect those goods.

PNG has authorities and systems in place to deal with all kinds of illegal activities and transnational crime. All that is required is for those authorities to do what they are paid to do for the country.




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