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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (SIBC, Oct. 11) – Solomon Islands Ambassador to the United Nations Collin Beck has said the country will continue to supports the Republic of China's application to re-join the world body.

Speaking during an occasion to mark Taiwan's National Day in New York Mr. Beck said he was happy that diplomatic friends of Taiwan remain firm in following up the application process.

Mr. Beck said the friends have begun contesting the explanation of the Secretary General’s Legal Office and hope to engage further with the United Nations on the issue.

He said United Nations is multilateral institution specifically set up to ensure the maintenance of international peace.

Mr. Beck said two important achievements were made at the recent debate, first the credentials and wish of the people of Taiwan to take its place in the United Nations saw member states debating the issue over a period of two days.

He said secondly this year’s approach included a formal application of the Government and people of Taiwan for United Nations membership.

Mr. Beck said that in the past United Nations Rules of procedure that preserved and protected the spirit, principals and purposes of the Charter principals were not observed, thereby overlooking Taiwan's wish to rejoin the United Nations.

He said Taiwan’s application for United Nations membership is far from over. In fact it has just begun.

Mr. Beck said Resolution 2758 used to prevent the application from moving forward.

He said the resolution was adopted by a simple majority rather than a two-third majority, as required under the General Assembly rules of procedures for important decisions.

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