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RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (The Cook Islands Herald, Oct. 6) - A special ceremony for the investiture of a new Kaitua Rangatira under Taraare Mataiapo of Matavera last Saturday morning.

Cassey Eggelton is the holder of the traditional title of Taraare Mataiapo after the passing away of her eldest brother, Rangi Tuavera affectionately known to all as Nimmo Tuavera.

Taraare decided that it was time to invest her distant kinsman and fellow Matavera resident, Tere Mataio Aperau as Kaitua Rangatira under her Mataiapo title.

Takitumu paramount chiefs, Kainuku Kapiriterangi Ariki and Pa Ariki, as represented by her official representative, Moeroa Kaveao were invited to act as witnesses-in-chief on the marae during the investiture ceremony. They were guarded on the marae by two warriors resplendent in their rauti with their traditional spears at the ready but it was all very peaceful with absolutely no opposition at all.

[PIR editor’s note: A marae is a sacred meeting place that serves both religious and social functions. ]

MC for the day was Mokare Mataiapo, the official secretary to the House of Ariki at Parliament House who was ably assisted by the Matavera CICC minister and the president of the CICC based at Takamao who officiated over the prayers and other good wishes bestowed on the new title holder.

Taraare’s family were on hand to support including the Queen’s Representative, Sir Frederick Goodwin and Lady Goodwin, her proud husband, Des Eggelton and their daughter, Karla and sisters, Jane and Grace Tuavera.

The new Rangatira also invited his own family and guests to witness his investiture and many of the ladies and gentleman of the church came along to wish him all the best as he took on the mantle of his traditional role as Kaitua Rangatira.

In his acceptance speech, the new Rangatira told the guests that his title had been dormant for many years and he was delighted to take on the mantle of the traditional title.

In all there were around 100 guests at the ceremony and kaikai was held at the home of the new Rangatira where all guests were invited to partake of a raurau of umukai food.

Kia manuia and congratulations to Kaitua Rangatira.

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