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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Oct. 23) – Lawyer Emma Garo Ma’aramo’s elevation to the bench last week sets a new benchmark and opens the way for women into the Solomon Islands judiciary.

With her appointment as a principle magistrate, Ms. Ma’aramo became the first qualified female lawyer to join the bench.

We hope this would be just the beginning of more of such appointments, given the high number of women joining the legal fraternity today.

It is always encouraging to see women taking up roles and professions long held by men.

The Solomon Islands judicial bench is one of those public service domains entirely dominated by men since independence.

As Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer says, Ms. Ma’aramo’s appointment helps to strengthen and improve the gender balance in the judiciary.

It also demonstrates that the bench is not merely a man’s job but that women, too, can equally perform and participate in the administration of justice from the bench.

As a principal magistrate, Ms. Ma’aramo knows too well the huge and challenging task ahead.

From now on, she will become an administrator of justice.

The job entails a lot of responsibility, independence, competence and better understanding of the law.

As the first qualified women lawyer to be sitting on the bench, the nation, particularly the women population, will be looking to Ms. Ma’aramo as a role model.

Her action and behavior, both inside and outside the courts, must reflect the dignity and honor that goes with the job.

Anything less is unacceptable.

As a qualified lawyer, we believe Ms. Ma’aramo is well prepared to prove to the public why she was chosen to become the country’s first woman principal magistrate.

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