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SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Oct. 24) - Residents of a settlement in Veisari are fed up of facing water problems for a number of days now.

[PIR editor’s note: Veisari is in the town of Lami, on the outskirts of Suva, capital of Fiji.]

Residents of Wainigasau settlement said they have been without tap water for a week and things got worse as there was no sign of water trucks coming to their assistance.

Resident Moreen Khan said they were fed up of the situation.

"This has been the case here always and the sad thing is that no water trucks bring us water," she said. "We depend on rain water for both drinking and doing all the household work. We have small children and babies in the house so it becomes very difficult for us to adjust in this situation.

"We are glad that it is raining at the moment and we are able to collect water. When it does not rain we have to make necessary arrangements to get water from a nearby river or go to Lami."

Victorina Ruru who is also from the area said her son in Class One some times missed classes because there was no water in the morning to get him ready for school or to prepare his lunch.

Ms. Khan said the water they received after water cuts was not always clean. "We have noticed that when we get tap water after a long stop, it is dirty so it serves no purpose again. This is a big problem for us and we surely don't want to live like this forever," she said.

Water chief engineer central/eastern Samuela Tubui said he was aware of the problem.

"I have received some phone calls from the area and I have sent down some of the workers today to see and find out what is the problem. I am still waiting for them to report back to me," said Mr. Tubui.

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