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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (Oct. 29) - Life imprisonment should be seriously considered for all forms of violence against women. We are calling on the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Dr Allan Marat to seriously consider this in light of the outpouring of evidence and stories about violence perpetrated against the women of Papua New Guinea by the men.

Our front page story about the teacher in East New Britain having hot water poured over her head by her husband and being violently attacked by the same man is the latest in the long-running gruesome stories of attacks on women throughout Papua New Guinea that just seem to be endless.

The Government has said nothing so far since the women presented their petition to the National Parliament calling for action to stop violence against women. The Government’s silence does not mean that men have suddenly taken heed of the calls and stopped committing violent crimes against women. Definitely not. Men are still carrying on as if they are out hunting and killing wild animals.

Women are suffering in large numbers. Their sufferings are perpetrated by men who have no regard for the lives of their womenfolk. This is one of the worst if not the worst crisis faced by the women of PNG in the 32 years of Independence.

It is shocking and appalling yet it is continuing unabated. This newspaper will continue to reveal the plight of the women throughout PNG. We encourage women to speak up and tell us about the violent attacks on them so that the political leaders of this nation will come to know the extent of their sufferings.

We want the women to use the Post-Courier as their voice for their concerns about the lack of action being taken to put a stop to this serious problem. We also want all law enforcement agencies to take serious note of the concerns of the women and the law-abiding men and fathers about this issue. Men who violate the decency of women, their peaceful lives and their right to exist as citizens of this nation, deserve to be locked up in jails for life. They are not fit to live like free people. They belong to the darkest cells of the jails around PNG.

We call on the Government to stop sleeping and dreaming away about themselves and start focusing on this serious issue affecting the women of PNG.

It is truly a national shame that weeks after the women have raised concerns about violence against women, the Prime Minister of this country has said nothing about it nor given any clear directions as to what the Government intends to do about it.

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