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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Dec. 13) - Angry members of the Kaevaga clan from Baruni village outside Port Moresby yesterday blocked the junction of Porebada and Baruni road in protest over the delay in their royalty payments.

The Porebada and Baruni road leads to the Atlas Steel area, Motukea PNG dockyard and the Napa Napa oil refinery.

However, landowners removed the roadblock five hours later when the manager of Lands and Physical Planning Manasseh Rapilla intervened, instructing the Central Provincial Lands Division to release the landowners’ payment.

The landowners said they were provoked into acting after they were informed of an officer with the Central Provincial Government lands division allowing the payments to four other clans (named) from Baruni over the disputed customary lands.

Members of the Kaevaga clan claimed that they were the legitimate landowners of the Minotogo and Sarika lands as awarded by the Lands Court and the Lands Title Commission on August 28, 1978.

This was supported by the Department of Lands and Physical Planning administration division customary land manager Jacob Waffinduo in his letter to the Department of Works dated November 27, 2007.

Mr. Waffinduo advised in the letter that any dealings or land payments relating to Minotogo and Sarika lands were to be referred to Kaevaga clan under the leadership of Borema Gaudi.

The provincial lands division and the works department were given only one day to fast track the payment.

They said only one officer of the department was causing some delay in the payments.

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