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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Dec. 17) - This is another important week in the political unrest.

On Thursday we will see the election of a new Prime Minister.

Two contenders, Dr. Derek Sikua and Patteson Oti, will be vying for the post. Whatever happens we will have a new prime minister.

As we prepare for this important vote it is vital that we leave the politics to our elected representatives. There is no place for unelected people to be involved right now. Our leaders are mandated by their people to vote for the new prime minister.

However, it is wrong for any of them to try and use the ordinary people to accomplish their goals. We have seen ordinary people become victims of politicians in the past. And anyone who takes sides in an unlawful way will certainly pay the price later.

What all people need to understand is anything happening now will be probed and some people will be held responsible. Have we forgotten about the tension trials and the April 2006 Riot inquiry?

It is legal for our leaders to make decisions for their people and move from one side to another. It is wrong for some people to take the law into their own hands for the sake of supporting either side in the political trouble. It is also irresponsible for our leaders to use the people to try and achieve their selfish goals. Our little country has suffered enough at the hands of selfish politicians.

Last year’s riots are a case in point. We don’t want to see any more similar incidents. We applaud the Police and their Regional Assistance Mission (RAMSI) colleagues for leaving little room for opportunists. But everyone must play their part.

Anyone who wants to stir-up problems must be identified so police can intervene. Suggestions of unrest on Thursday must be taken seriously. If riots are planned or happening regularly we must ask questions. They must either be political or purely a threat from criminals and opportunists attempting to take advantage of the situation. Whatever it is, it must be stopped.

We welcome news the Police will continue to be on the watch and ready to swiftly deal with anyone attempting to cause problems this week. Everyone should support the Police and their RAMSI colleagues in these efforts.

After what happened last year we can’t allow it to happen again.

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