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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Dec. 21) – The new Marcus Stephen led Government in Nauru says it will be clearly committed to good governance and transparency.

Mr Stephen toppled the administration of Ludwig Scotty on Wednesday, nearly a month after several key Cabinet Ministers had walked out.

They had attacked the then Finance and Foreign Minister, David Adeang, accusing him of not being transparent in his dealings and fostering personal relationships in Thailand that were damaging to Nauru.

The new Foreign Minister Dr Kieren Keke says Mr Adeang had lost track of the original guiding principles of the Scotty regime, and his actions were no longer accountable.

"Things were not being done fairly. So I guess that is where the difference will be under the presidency of Marcus Stephen is that there is a clear commitment to ensuring there is good governance is a key part of our governance, and along with that improving our progress on a number of priorities that are required to restore some quality of life for Nauru."

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