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APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Dec. 29) - Thirty three descendents of Maualaivao were conferred matai (chiefly) titles at Malie yesterday.

Seven titles were bestowed, said Mauala Piki Tuala, Secretary of the Maualaivao family.

Mauala Piki said new title holders were necessary because the head of the family, Maualaivao Taugali, passed on in July this year.

Ten were bestowed with the titles of Mauala and Falua.

They were: Mauala Koria, Mauala Maima, Mauala Polaiu’amea, Mauala Piki, Mauala Raponi, Mauala Sesili, Mauala Siope and Mauala Tanumafili, Falua Gasio and Falua Pete.

The other 23 were bestowed with orator titles of Leupolu, Aumatagi, Falefitu, Masuisui and Peo.

They were: Leupolu Komisi, Leupolu Korinito, Leupolu Pelenato, Leupolu Petania, Leupolu Semisi, Leupolu Seso, Leupolu Sunu, Leupolu Tama, Aumatagi Aki, Aumatagi Falemaota, Aumatagi Kueni, Aumatagi Lelei, Aumatagi Malaki, Aumatagi Malcolm, Aumatagi Raponi (Junior), Aumatagi Tanumafili Tuitele, Falefitu Ioane, Falefitu Peletumua, Masuisui Piki (Junior), Masuisui Tala, Masuisui Aivi, Peo Kuresa and Peo Pollard.

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