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HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Jan. 7) – It’s good to see the new government live by its promise to heavily chop the number of political appointees as well as cut their salaries.

This very fact speaks well of a government that respects its promises prior to coming to power.

It’s apparent that we don’t need 20 or so appointees to implement government policies. It’s the responsibility of the public servants to see policies work.

The previous government had engaged a lot of needless political appointees.

It was a very costly exercise. That was performed mostly to satisfy the political factions.

However, the new government has taken the right action to cut political appointees by half.

It’s important that any government of the days does not abuse state offices. Or take advantage of their leadership power to hijack people’s money.

This is what the previous government did.

The marked significant reduction in the number of political appointees of the new government is therefore laudable.

In difficult times like this, we need to take responsible actions.

We need leaders who put the people first – not themselves.

Self-serving leaders often place their priorities at the top and that of their cronies first before their country.

We commend chairman of the government caucus Enele Kwanairara for supporting the appointees’ reduction and have their pay cut.

He demonstrates the kind of leadership that our country badly needs.

This country needs people who put their people first.

This country needs leaders who can stand up and fight for their people not their own pockets.

We strongly urge the new government to stand firm on its decisions and press forward with its implementation.

In the end, the appointees are only cronies and they don’t have any say when it comes to voting on behalf of our people.

We can save a lot of money by doing small things like making right decisions; one is to reduce political appointees.

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