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KOROR Palau (Palau Horizon, Jan. 8) — Members of the Ngaraibesachel Council of Chiefs held a meeting at the Peleliu, Bai on Dec. 22 to discuss important matters related Ngerchol Hamlet and its people.

Governor Jackson R. Ngiraingas, who holds the title Chief Mengelil, said they have talked about the Ngerchol Hamlet savings account bank book, who has the bank book, and how much money is deposited.

They also discussed on a land where the new Ngerchol Bai would be constructed and other matters regarding the bai.

The chiefs explored on issues regarding lands owned by the people of Ngerchol.

They have also talked about the traditional titles of Ngerchol and other miscellaneous matters.

Ngiraingas said the meeting was successful with the Council of Chiefs deciding and approving matters that must be acted upon after the New Year.

The next meeting of the Ngaraibesachel Council of Chiefs will be held in January upon the call of Obaklechol Francisco L. Remkel.

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