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KOROR Palau (Palau Horizon, Jan. 8) — President Remengesau raised concern over a new Koror State law which allows fishing within a mile in Ngemelis.

Remengesau told reporters that his office is reviewing whether the new state law would diminish the protected areas regulation.

On Dec. 25, the bill allowing fishing within a mile in Ngemelis became a law despite the absence of approval by Governor Yositaka Adachi.

He said he is concerned whether the law will affect some of Palau’s protected areas or environmental laws.

The president said the language of the state law is being reviewed and if it’s found out that it will affect the protected areas, its either a piece of legislation will be introduced to supersede the state law.

He added however that the national government is discussing this concern with the state government.

He said the new law should be " progressing not regressing" adding that it should not compromise Palau’s efforts to protect the environment.

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