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Federated States of Micronesia Department of Youth and Civic Affairs Colonia Yap December 27, 2007

Governor Anefal has communicated to all branches of government, agencies, and transmitted Proclamation No. 2008-02, which designated January 18, 2008 as a Dengue clean-up day. In the proclamation, Anefal referred to the previous outbreak of the Type I Dengue virus that resulted in over six hundred medical cases and no deaths.

While the Type I Dengue virus is no longer a threat, the recent induction of Type II of the virus "poses a health hazard" to the welfare of the people of the entire State as one of its known symptoms is internal bleeding which could be fetal. The Type II Dengue virus, which is propagated by the Aedes Egypti mosquito, has to date caused two deaths in Yap State.

In an unprecedented effort to control this outbreak of the Type II Dengue virus, Governor Anefal calls for an organized State-wide clean-up and removal of any water-retaining rubbish, trash or any other things which can provide breeding grounds of the Aedes Egypti mosquito. Anefal stated in the proclamation that it is vital to bring the health hazard to the fore of public awareness, and to reinforce environmental health measures necessity to remove and discard of such rubbish items throughout the island communities to a threshold level needed to reduce, if not entirely contain, the Aedes Egypti population.

The Governor has also put in place a Dengue Clean-up Day Task Force under the supervision of the Department of Health Service, which is working through the holidays to plan, organize and mobilize an all-out "war" against the known enemy, Aedes Egypti. Members of the Task force include government officials, private representatives and community leaders.

Planned activities for the day include mobilization of available government resources to undertake community clean-up activities, utilization of government personnel and equipment (trucks and boats) to haul in collected trash and rubbish to designated dumpsites from island villages/communities, public awareness programs on the Dengue virus via radio and TV broadcast as well as publication and dissemination of printed materials, specific public school field activities involving students and teachers, and recycling of any recyclable trash and rubbish. It is intended that this clean-up effort will continue beyond January 18, 2008.

All private sector business establishments, citizens and non-citizen residents of the State of Yap, including NGO’s, non-profit organizations, associations, clubs, etc., are encouraged to fully take part in combating the Type II Dengue Virus either directly or indirectly through in-kind contribution, technical/financial assistance and/or material contribution.

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